You can help in many different ways. And you know what? None of what we are about to do will work without your help! There is an endless list of things that need to be done. All the things that need to be done and we can’t pay for. And all the things that need to be done and that we need to pay for.


Exercising while standing in his bed

Apart from joining us tomorrow week for An Saol Day yourself, bring along everyone you can. But, most importantly, bring along politicians. They are the only ones that can cut through the red tape, literally. They need to be told by you, by us, that the way persons with severe acquired brain injury are treated in this country is inhumane and plain wrong.

Imagine. You start off with a very severe brain injury. As if that was not bad enough, your body progressively deteriorates because you are denied even the most basic treatment, never mind proper neuro rehabilitation. It is absolutely sickening.

We need to show muscle.

Please don’t forget to promote An Saol Day, 18 June. Please get your tickets for the movie and launch today. Invite your families and friends. We need you there on the day to show our strength and commitment! Like the event on Facebook.