Pádraig’s third birthday since his accident was his first at home. The day couldn’t have been better. Loads of his friends came to the house and, for the first time, we were able to sit in the newly designed garden (designed by one of his old school friends). Even Charly ‘Carlos’ Hulgraine, architect of Pádraig’s extension, and well-know Dublin-based artist dropped in, presenting him with a signed copy of a re-print of the 11 garrisons of the Easter Rebellion he painted. His friends brought in tons of food and some really nice and unusual presents. Above all, they brought love, friendship, loyalty: life. It was a brilliant afternoon that kept us busy making new happy memories. It distracted us from remembering that it was another of Pádraig’s birthdays, his 23rd, that we were together with him last before the accident. When we said good-bye to him before he went off on his J1 to go to Boston and Cape Cod.

It was Pat and I who had to leave early today. We had received tickets to see “The Boss” in Croke Park and just made it for the start.


Springsteen is the perfect rock musician – if that is not a contradiction in terms. The whole concert was a lesson in how to do a concert, and we had the highest seats in the house, right opposite the stage. It was a great end to a great day.

never, never give up!

Please don’t forget to promote An Saol Day, 18 June. Please get your tickets for the movie and launch today. Invite your families and friends. We need you there on the day to show our strength and commitment!