Pádraig started to use his fancy new bed which had finally arrived a few days ago after a waiting time of untold length. It is really an incredible piece of ‘equipment’: so easy to use and so beneficial. Pádraig seems to like it too!

Today he stood in it having a drink of orange juice… holding his head up high without any support (except at the back). Gravity would have pushed it to the front but he held it up, for the first time! And what a first it was!

While he was standing he had an orange juice. Once I had put the cup in his hands, he moved it across the table and towards his chest, trying really hard to lift it up to his mouth. This last part didn’t work yet – but there is no doubt that it will some time soon.

Earlier in the day, we went to see Ken, co-owner of the bike store Little Sports in Fairview who, together with Marin Cycles, are sponsoring the cycle to Cape Cod later in the month and a second cycle from Hollywood to Napa in October. Our camera man interviewed the owner of the shop who presented me with really ‘cool’ professional (and very tight fitting:) cycling shorts and ‘shirt’. There was a bit of a discussion whether this was going to fit me and, to be honest, I kept the shorts for a special fitting session:)