Headway Ireland, one of the long established organisations working with and for persons with acquired brain injuries today agreed to support the An Saol Project, our proposal to run a three year pilot to connect the practice of long-term neuro rehabilitation of survivors of severe ABI with current research showing that only intensive mental and physical exercise promises improvement of function. They will also contribute to the discussions on 18 June (Film and Launch events). This is really brilliant news.

More – we also heard from the HSE, the Irish Health Service Executive, that An Saol can use their premises at Odins Wood in North Dublin as a place for weekly Saturday meetings and networking with the survivors of sABI and their families. This is really really positive news and shows that things are moving!

Back in Pforzheim…

Pádraig is not just doing very intensive physical work, he is also doing an hour of cognitive therapy, using different programmes to train and develop different aspects of cognition.

One of the exercises he did today was to put numbers into the correct order.


The numbers in the first row were in random order and had to be put into ascending order in the second row. These are really interesting programmes offering different types of challenges. To put it into perspective: this exercise was level 16 of counting exercises. To be honest, I was a little concerned whether we should move on to level 30:) I’ll check with the therapist tomorrow! Whatever the level – it is so great to see that Pádraig is able to do so many different types of cognitive tasks and complete them perfectly – especially if I compare that to where he was when we were here last time, less than a year ago.

PS: Just realised that I hadn’t put up the blog post for 22 April which I had written but not published – I must have fallen asleep before I had a chance to hit the ‘publish’ button:(