One doctor treating Pádraig once told me that Pádraig would not recover and asked me whether I thought that for someone as beautiful, bright, and intelligent, a life with such a severe injury would be meaningful. (From his point of view, this was, of course, a rhetorical question.)

Today, I went with Pádraig to a supermarket and walked along an aisle with I’d say a good 10 metres of yoghurt of all sorts of different makes, colours and flavours.

Nobody needs this kind of variety. It gives the word ‘meaningful’ a whole new meaning.

This blog is a kind of a journal of Pádraig’s journey. But it’s more than that: it is about his “Lebensfreude”, about his “joie de vivre”, about something that the English language doesn’t seem to have an appropriate word to describe.

Pádraig’s story has a universal message for us all, for all of us who at times feel beaten, not being able to get back up again.

I am beginning to think It’s about the essence of life, about life stripped of all these things we think we need. It’s about life life. Us not chasing things and people and influence and power and bigger, better, brighter, faster, more expensive, more exclusive, more exotic ‘stuff’. Because none of this we need. Instead, it’s about friendship, compassion, big hearts, and tons of love – because this is what is life and what keeps us alive.

It’s a lesson for life you can tell people who feel life has treated them badly; who feel there’s no way out; who feel that another person’s life is a commodity one can put a price on, one can buy, pay for, or put aside, maintain or even let go –  when it suits you or the ‘system’.

Think about it. Life and it being meaningful.