What would have been nicer than to finish the day with a BBQ?


People in wheelchairs, therapists, carers (PAs:), families, all sitting outside together, having a chat, getting to know each other a little bit better, learning from each other, cracking a few jokes, having a bit of fun… And Germans must be the Weltmeister in BBQs. They even have vegan grill ‘stuff’ that looks like meat. And, of course, there was non-alcoholic beer (before you ask: …and no other beer;). I wanted to tell everybody about Sir Roger Casement and how the German U-Boot had brought him and loads of guns to Ireland a hundred years ago supporting the Irish rebels against the British – but never managed to do so. There was too much going on, and my little story would not have fitted in at all. Even without ‘my’ story (which Pádraig would not have liked me to tell anyway;) it was a perfect evening and end to a long and very busy day. One more day and the first week will be over. Can’t believe it.