The famous Abbey Theatre is showing “The Plough and the Stars” by Seán O’Casey these days in front of a sold out house. Almost. The wheelchair space and seat for companion was available and so we went for today’s matinee. Pádraig’s first time in the Abbey for a long time. And another day of living life.


Me who risked more for love than they would for hate…


I’ll just mention to mention a meeting in our local health centre and leave it with that.

But I also wanted to mention that there are people who keep excelling in their wildest dreams, becoming true dreamboaters in the process. Last weekend, the mother of one of Pádraig’s best friends run, for the first time in her life, a half marathon. Not just any. But the one described as probably being one of the most beautiful marathons in the world, the Connemarathon. Only that last Sunday, there was hail and when there wasn’t there was horizontal rain. During the whole of the event. She finished in a brilliant time. And did fundraising in the process. How inspiring is that?!