This morning, I went to check out the movie (“Would you rather be dead?”) we are going to show on 18 June in Screen 3 of the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin. As you can see: it worked, subtitles and everything. Isn’t it a gorgeous cinema? And a brilliant screen?


It’ll be a great Saturday morning. We’ll have an introduction to the movie, show the movie itself, and then have a discussion at the end. There is room for more than 100 people, so please spread the word. We’ll start selling tickets soon and I’ll let you know where to get them.

Today was also the birthday of one of Pádraig’s sisters. Her birthday present to us was IMG_3824to spend the evening with Pádraig and give Pat and myself time to go out. And so we did. It was good to leave the house together and spent a few hours in a good restaurant and breathing in the air of the ‘other’ life: far too expensive and over-priced for what it was and me pulling the short straw when it came to who was going to sit where: I had a fire extinguisher pushing my legs in and a shelf behind my neck. It always happens to me, never to my lovely wife – who was sitting opposite me, looking not just at me but out through a huge window onto the street. Other than that, it was a pretty enjoyable evening. (And I learned to watch out for the right chair next time:) It was fun. My legs are slowly getting back to normal and the pain in my neck has almost gone as well. What remains is the memory of relaxed, un-interrupted conversations.

Pádraig enjoyed the birthday as well. There was far too much cake and other sweet things. Probably not so good for the stomach. But the fact he can eat the same food as us, drink the same drinks as we do, and sit with us around the table of our kitchen is just magic for all of us.

Pity I’ll have to get up at 5am tomorrow morning to catch a plane to Düsseldorf only to  come back in the evening just before 10. In between I’ll visit a model care facility in Unna, near my home town of Dortmund, something I’m really looking forward to, hoping they will join the An Saol Project.