Flowers. I wrote to them and they got back to me. Couldn’t see a problem in us using their cover of “I can see clearly now” and, and they’ll be happy to play for An Saol. I think we’ll have to start planning the first annual An Saol Ball for Life (might have to find a better name for it:).


Before that happens, there’ll be a few other actions happening. The plan is to launch a new website at the beginning of May which we will use to raise awareness. In June, we’ll have the film showing, they launch of the pilot project, and the cycle in Boston / Dublin.

A number of competent people have now reviewed the proposal and I will talk to potential partner organisations in Germany over the coming weeks. No feedback from our contact in the HSE yet. But that will come.

Pádraig today was pretty exhausted from the two long days out over Easter. Rather than going out tomorrow, we’ll most likely stay in and, maybe, watch a nice movie.

Today in three weeks time, Pádraig will have finished his first day in Pforzheim if all goes according to plan.