There was green, white, and orange smoke coming out of the planes chasing this other plane (the small white one on the left) that looked like the government jet. It looked like they were chasing it…


All this, of course, was part of today’s commemorations of the 1916 Rising in Dublin. Pádraig went out into town and really enjoyed the day. We went to Dorset Street, just opposite the Long Island Pub. We saw the whole parade passing by and were able to watch the proceedings around O’Connell Street on a huge screen.

Most of it was a military parade. With tanks, troop carriers, bands and loads of flags.

Not sure how and when it happened, but the events of 100 years ago felt very real today. Imagine, getting up one morning to wash yourself, to get dressed, get your things and walk over to the General Post Office. To declare the Republic. And be executed a week later.

Tomorrow, we’ll got into TCD to see and hear one of Pádraig’s sisters read out the Proclamation, in Irish, among other things. Might see you there?

An Trocailín Donn / Aisling: Vision