Wait a minute, baby. Stay with me awhile… {What a great line.} Drowning in the sea of love. Where everyone would love to drown. {For all who ever felt loved.} You’re the poet in my heart. Never change. Never stop. {Waaaahnsinn!}

Stevie Nicks must be one of the world’s best ever singers, in one of the world’s best ever bands, and Sara must be one of her best ever songs.

The first time in a while that I am sitting here in the evening listening to music. I am always surprised by the power of music. It sets my mood. It transports me into a different time (not surprisingly, wherever it transports me to, I am always younger:).

Today was Wednesday – Excursion Time. A bit “thank you” to two good friends who travelled with us in the car and made this excursion possible! (They could do this without a health & safety risk assessment:)

And where else would you go this week but to a 1916 exhibition. We went to the one in Collins Baracks, where the National Museum of Ireland marks the centenary of the 1916 Rising.

It’s really good and well worth visiting. I even found an exhibit that was made by one of my fellow countrymen a hundred years ago and put up in the battle fields of Flanders.


Pádraig is getting fitter again. One of the carers helped me to move him into the tilt table before he had to leave. Pádraig and myself managed the standing up part and the transfer back really well. What I like about this time together is that – it is our time together without anyone or anything else to worry about. It’s a time I will always treasure as something really special.

Stay with me awhile. The poet in my heart. Never change. Never stop.