Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… I know. Chocolate muffins are really irresistible, but butternut squash is so infinitely more healthy! I don’t think Pádraig ever had butternut squash ever before the accident, today was the second time after it. Thinking about it, and leaving the mystic chocolate chip muffin aside, Pádraig is really the one in our family eating really good and fresh-made meals on a fairly regular basis. So no more supersized double-chip fine chocolate filled chocolate muffins:)

UnknownWe had a longish meeting with Pádraig’s ‘service provider’ coordinator trying to explain that the many different layers, the many people, and the complicated structure of Pádraig’s care really made things more difficult than they needed to be. We are spending an insane amount of time we don’t really have connecting and coordinating with all of these. Common sense doesn’t really come into the equation. (Carers, for example, can transfer from bed to wheelchair. They cannot assist me with the tilt table.)

Oh – before I forget: you won’t believe this, but on 10 March, the HSE ordered the standing bed and mattress. It should just about four weeks to arrive. Then, before we and the carers can use it, we will need someone to do a risk assessment and to organise a training session. To be sure to be sure.

Too tired to continue tonight…