Some days are good. Some days ain’t. Yesterday wasn’t that good. Today was. One of the best in some time. Ken from Little Sports (a brilliant bicycle shop in Fairview) had received the fabulous Marin bike he managed to get for the two An Saol fundraising cycles in the USA.


When I went into his shop some weeks ago looking for a bike I saw a Marin bike. The moment I saw it I thought “this is exactly the road bike I’m looking for”. I gave it a go. The frame was a tiny bit too small but it was an incredible experience to ride on a trial run. I asked Ken could he keep the bike for me for a couple of days which he promised he would.

When I went back to the shop I got all my courage together and told Ken why I had been looking at this bike. I asked him, would he consider to sponsor those two fundraising cycles. He thought about it a couple of days, and then he said that Pádraig had truly inspired him and Norma, his wife. He said they could do better than support the cycle – they would try to get the manufacturer, Marin, a relatively small but brilliant company just north of San Francisco, on board.

They arranged a meeting with Ricky, Marin’s rep in Ireland, and together they decided to organise a brand new bike and all the gear I would need. “It’s not all doom and gloom”, Ken said today. “There are good things happening.” And he is right. Many good things will come out of their generosity of sponsoring the bike and the gear.

Watch out for the training cycles leading up to the first fundraiser: Boston to Cape Cod in late June with a parallel cycle from the Gaeltacht in Rathcairn to the Seomra Gaeilge in TCD!

A huge bit “Thank you” to Ken and his wife Norma.

The second fabulous thing that happened today was Pádraig’s (and our) first trip back to lovely Leitrim. We hadn’t been there for three years. Pádraig’s aunt had kept it going and had done a fabulous job getting the place ready for Pádraig’s visit. We had been wondering this morning should we go or should we not – the weather didn’t look too great… It was the best decision ever to forget about the weather and chance it!

When we got there, it was the best day of the year so far: warm, sunny, and almost no wind.

It was another connection with the time prior to Pádraig’s accident that we had not made for some time. Being there again today with Pádraig was hard – but as most things that are hard, it was more than worth it. Life goes on – Leitrim has always been a central part of our life to which we just re-connected.