Just couldn’t think of another word to name tonight’s blog post.


No, it’s not about a Garden Centre. It’s about a number of things that happened today that brought hope and (to an extend) even certainty that our plans will be working out.

First and foremost, Pádraig is getting better. Since he started using the tilt table (no word yet about the mysterious standing bed) there are no more problems with oxygen levels. He is able to stretch his left arm again, almost straight, since we started to exercise it ourselves. He continues to cycle more kilometres every day by himself than I am running. He is eating and drinking better every day. Today, I asked him whether it is ok with him that we are organising the Boston cycle, that we will tell his story and illustrate it with pictures and a short video – and he agreed.

But then: Pádraig’s new garden plants were delivered. The garden will make a huge difference to him. Being able to sit outside in the summer, surrounded by this great garden will be priceless.

There was more to come: a phone call confirmed a meeting about space for the An Saol Sara Walsh Therapy Centre on Friday. Imagine, just imagine if that worked out! I cannot even begin to imagine what a difference that space if it materialised would make!

And yet another phone call: the bike, the famous Marin Bike,m arrived at Little Sports in Fairview. I won’t be able to collect it tomorrow, but I’ll get it first thing on Saturday. (I’ll be in Germany tomorrow for my mother’s first anniversary.)

Finally, An Saol’s first seminar was delivered tonight by Brendan who was one of the first successful applicants for HSE funding. What Brendan had to say was a real eye-opener!

Time to go to sleep.