All right – the idea of not shaving from last night’s blog is really taking off! (Have a look at last night’s comment:) — What would you think of a slight change of plan: start  on Easter Monday, and have the “Big Shave” the day of the raffle of the sponsored bike  in the autumn? It might make it easier to join if there is a (semi-)definite ‘end’-date?


I drove to Limerick this morning, as always really early to avoid the traffic. It was one of those really nice mornings, with the rising sun trying to break through the early morning fog, slowly revealing a blue sky in a crisp, clean air. Meeting colleagues, friends, and students in UL, being around the buildings, having lunch, checking the office — all was a really nice and reminded me of the privilege of the day job I took a break from.

Back in Dublin, I had a conversation with the therapist who was going to start working for An Saol from 01 April. Turns out she is not going to do it. So, I’ll start working on a job ad for a neuro-therapist tomorrow.

And — should you know of someone, or should you be someone, who would be interested in and enthusiastic about taking on this job of building up and leading the development of the An Saol Sara Walsh Therapy Services — please let me know!!!

Something I heard on the radio stuck in my mind. It was a quote by somebody who said that we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.