In the end a few of Pádraig’s friends were available this afternoon to go on tour with us. Two of them came along, the others promised to join some other Wednesday. Just to clarify – no need to be able to drive yourself, what I need is someone to come along to watch Pádraig, just in case he needed help when I am driving.


Pádraig under the tree – on the way back to the car park.

When the Queen comes to Dublin, or when Obama comes to down – they stay in Farmleigh. It’s an old house in a big park and, at some stage, it was owned by the Guinness family. Reason enough for the State to buy it, renovate it, and then use it to show off.

We got the last tour of the house, all for ourselves. It was bliss. And a bit silly, in a good way. Which chair did Obama sit on? Did the Queen have dinner on this table? Who can stay here? How much is a night?

Turns out a night in Farmleigh is one of those things you cannot buy. Like most important things in life. Money might make the world go ’round, but the moment the world stops spinning, its use evaporates.

These Wednesdays with Pádraig’s friends are turning into something really enjoyable and important. Hard to put into words exactly why or how. But really important.

Just in case: I’ll be in Germany for my mother’s first anniversary next Wednesday so will be going out again with Pádraig the following Wednesday, 23 March – if you were available to come along… that would be great!