I can’t say much about Mothers’ Day. It would all be speculation, guess work. I can just imagine that there is so much pain and so much joy there all at the same time. For all sorts of different reasons.


There was no smell of toast, coffee, and a (very burnt) fry coming out of the kitchen today in our house. Just the memory of it. The thing is that not just us but also our children are getting older.

Pádraig had a relaxed day today. Late breakfast. Late lunch. A walk in the park. In between banana milk, a spoon full of honey (for good health), steak, potatoes and broccoli. No strenuous exercises, no tilt table, not MOTOMed.

“There are miracles waiting to happen” is a saying I like.

While talking to someone in LA today who is rapidly becoming a good friend, we realised that miracles, extraordinary things, need space and opportunity to happen and to make a difference. This is what what I am looking for and will build, with the help of our friends, for Pádraig and other persons like him. An Saol will provide space and opportunity for brains to re-learn guided by the best ‘teachers’.