Give bikes 1.5m.

Because this is a safe distance to pass a bicycle.

images2Give An Saol 1.5m.

Because this is the amount (by pure co-incidence) that we need to start a 3-year pilot project demonstrating how advances in neuro rehabilitation research can inform neurological rehabilitation leading to a successful recovery following severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI).

(Anyone out there who could take this idea and design a brilliant campaign logo?)

I have shared the (draft) plan for the project with some experts, abroad and in Ireland, and with you here on the blog. I have also shared them with the HSE.

We’ll finalise the plan over the next week and launch the project in May.

In preparation of the launch, we will raise awareness with survivors and their families, politicians, practitioners, researchers, the administration, and voluntary organisations.

Teach An Saol – Life and Living with a severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI) will become a reality. It will bring long-term neuro rehabilitation to people who take a long time to recover.

And we will raise the funding necessary to bring life and dignity to young people one way or the other. There is no alternative.

Pádraig continues to cycle the MOTOMed by himself. He’s half an hour on the tilt table every day. (To the best of my knowledge, the famous standing bed, while approved several times, has still not even been ordered.)

He and others in his position need An Saol (and the Dreamboaters:) to give their life a perspective, fun, hard work, company, hope, love.

PS: Yesterday, one of his carers asked whether he could hear. Not understand. Hear. What does that tell you?