Last night, I didn’t mention that we watched that film, Fitzcarraldo, during the first edition of our movie nights. We had a packed house, full of friends. I ate too much chocolate, too much popcorn and too much ice-cream. The film is about 2.30 hours long and since we did not manage to start on time at 7.00, the film finished quite late. Good job we could all have a bit of a lie in this morning!

The final scene of this film is still playing in my head: The boat, steaming down the Amazon, with a life Opera performance, and a smiling, happy, satisfied Fitzcarraldo in his white suit, smoking the biggest cigar I’d ever seen, standing beside the most expensive red chair – showing to the hundreds of onlookers on shore that he had succeeded, he had realised his dream to bring an opera to Iquitos, despite all the odds.

Here’s an important question.

What is the core mission of An Saol?

Up to this evening, my answer would have been: providing therapies, helping families, providing a place to meet and (if necessary) to stay.

Tonight, it became clear that these are not at the core what An Saol is all about. These are instruments, ways to achieve the main goal, but themselves they ain’t. It became clear that An Saol is, as the name implies, all about something much simpler. It’s about life and living, with a severe acquire brain injury (sABI). It’s about showing to people that an sABI is not the end. That it is not better to die than to live with an sABI. That as long as a person has a passion for life, he has the right to live (with all that implies), and we as individuals and as a society, have the responsibility to provide them with all the support they require to live their life in dignity and with respect.

Everything else follows from that.

More tomorrow.