Didn’t eat much more than a couple of pancakes today. The morphine did wear off and I felt miserable. Even the pancakes (it’s ‘Pancake Tuesday’!) didn’t do the trick. This keyhole surgery stuff is pretty disappointing. At least with a big cut across your body you have something to show for and people feel with you. With a couple of small holes covered by a simple plaster, nobody really believes that you just had an operation… Bit of a disappointment.

Anyhow, back to normal.

Loads of visitors and therapists today, with some ‘presents’ for Pádraig. Among them this really brilliant cup.


It shows that details really matter: its opening is oval, it is transparent, it has a detachable large footprint, and a really large handle. Whoever designed this simple mug earned themselves a design award. The first cup that will allow Pádraig to hold a cup and be guided using it.

The other picture tonight is one I took on the way to the hospital yesterday. When I found the envelope with the writing in my pocket I stopped and took a picture of it on the street because I was afraid I might loose it in the hospital. Pat wrote her name on the envelope and it was the first word Pádraig read and recognised, as far as we know.


My second night upstairs in a row. Won’t have to get up to turn Pádraig. I’m not really that far away, but I miss him. Thanks to everyone for all their good wishes. I was told it would take a few days, maybe a week and I should be ok again. – Can’t wait.