There’s PAs coming and going. There is the postman at the door. There is a therapist and a diet specialist giving advice. There is the phone ringing. There are friends (old and new) visiting. And there is Pádraig in the midst of all this.


Today he did maths: division, multiplication, subtraction, addition. And, this is another FIRST, he recognised a word! Pat wrote a word on a sheet of paper, read out a number of words, and asked him which of the words she read out matched the one on the paper. Pádraig used the switch to ‘bleep’ at the correct word. Isn’t that amazing? How Pádraig is coming up with new things all the time?

Another FIRST happened this morning when his PAs said ‘good morning’ to him and he clearly responded using his voice.

A group of old and new friends came for a visit today to meet Pádraig. They will be organising a fundraising event as part of a Smurfit Business School project which is absolutely great.

Not bedtime yet, but I’m so tired it’s hard to believe. How busy can a day get when you’re not even ‘working’?