I had completely forgotten how important it is to tell Pádraig the date and the day. Every day. Worse, I had completely forgotten what date and what day it was. Time is just a continuum and days don’t seem to have an identity.


Yet, this is exactly what is needed. Otherwise, days blend into a haze of nothingness.

You need to feel and see the seasons. Plan and prepare for important days. Expect certain days with excitement. Mark days.

There is still a great deal of work to be done before Pádraig and his PAs will feel completely confident and at ease with each other. It’s all very intense and time consuming and trying.

My plan to work or rest in the afternoon is only partially working. At least at the moment. There are so many things that need to be done, bills to be paid, emails to be answered, phone calls to be made. There are still boxes full of stuff we brought back from Hamburg, heaps of stuff we didn’t ‘manage’ over the past 2 years that need to be organised that it feel intimidating. Should I just through the stuff out?

A friend in the USA contacted a friend who lives on Cape Cod and is a convinced cyclist. When he hear about our plan to cycle from Boston to the Cape, his first reaction was that this was gong to be quite dangerous without proper escorts and support. – At least we’ll have some time to get everything into place for June.

Today is Tuesday, 02 February!