First Sunday with a PA coming to help us and Pádraig. Very different from other Sundays which were just laid back and easy going. When people come to your house it makes you do things you otherwise wouldn’t be doing — which is probably ok, especially during the week, but weekends are different. We’ll see how things go. Loads of things going through my head, time passing, getting older, focusing on priorities, things that are important. Things many people do on their birthdays (mine is still a few weeks away:).

Two of Pádraig’s friends were here tonight and we started to plan some major action for the awareness and fundraising cycles coming up later in the year. Some great ideas and enthusiasm. This will be big: 27 June, 10am, Brewster, MA — connecting with a cycle in Dublin!

This is what I saw today in a shop:


Isn’t that incredible? Even considering that headline writers tend to exaggerate things slightly to get people to buy their papers…

And then I bought the Sunday Business Post, to read the article they have only as a ‘teaser’ on their public website:



If you remember – I mentioned a week or so ago that Ireland was spending the same amount per capita on health as Sweden (in 2014) and no much less than Germany.

The figures produces by the Irish Central Statistics Office refer to health spending in relation to its gross national income and show that Ireland will spend more on health (proportionally) than any other EU country or any other rich country with the exception of the USA.

Put this in a context where the HSE is requiring parents of sABI survivors to fundraise for items and services the HSE should be providing but don’t — because of a lack of funding. Effectively meaning that we should start fundraising for the HSE.

Something somewhere is fundamentally wrong. Wouldn’t you agree? — Do you want to be part of the solution?