The end of a long week, with Pádraig’s PA’s starting (there’s about half a dozen of them), more meetings, a visit to St. Vincent’s Hospital to get his PEG changed (thankfully just a day visit), and visits by various therapists today: a dietitian, and three physios. And not only that, Pádraig got appointments for the next two weeks, once a week. It’s pretty low frequency, but it was a really good surprise to hear that he will have a weekly visit by the community physios. The other good news was that his standing bed has been approved (by the third HSE fund approached:), and a MOTOMed will arrive here on 11 February, without an arm trainer initially, but we’ll be working on this:) Turns out that Dublin North (!) is a bit more advanced on the dietitian front than Dublin South (!), no longer using the ‘old’ thickener for drinks and food which changed the colour of the drink (especially water) and also changed consistency in a relatively short period of time (especially with hot/warm drinks).


Overall a fairly intense, very very busy, but moving in the right direction, with some pleasant surprises.

In case you were wondering – while Pádraig got a Euro Million lotto ticket from one of his relatives, he is, very unfortunately, *not* the Irish winner of this week’s jackpot. If you know the winner out there, ask him/her to get in touch!!!