If your ship doesn’t come in swim out to it, a guy called Jonathan Winters once said. He clearly hadn’t heard about the Dreamboat. No need to swim out to it. It’ll carry you wherever you want to go. With lots of the best company. It’s this company, it’s the belief that your belief can carry you wherever you want to go. That there are no limit. Physics doesn’t come in. Medicine ain’t working on this journey. Preconceptions neither. The view goes way beyond the horizon, further than you ever thought was possible.

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I believe that soon there will be more survivors of severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI) living at home, with better support, with the right equipment, and adequate therapies. As long as that is possible. And when it is not possible, there will be a safe, homely and respectful place for them where they will feel welcome and where they will be able to live in dignity.

There will be a movement that will reclaim the human rights of those from whom these rights have been taken because their life and their humanity are not respected.

More meetings today and more meetings planned for the week. I am sure we will all get tired of meetings one day and normality will return:) Thought there was one meeting today we didn’t attend but where it was decided that Pádraig’s standing bed will be financed by the HSE. The last hurdle to take on that one is that an Irish supplier  will have to order it from the German company so that support and maintenance in Ireland will be guaranteed. Fingers crossed.

Pádraig’s and his PAs are getting on really well. It’ll take a few weeks and routine will have settled in. It’s hard to imagine at times, but it’s definitely getting there. Which is good.

It’ll be another day in hospital tomorrow for Pádraig for a PEG replacement. But hopefully, it’ll just be a quick ‘in and out’.

In Ireland: That’s interesting
Something you just said, something you are wearing, something you had cooked for your guests. Well – it’s most likely *not really* “interesting”, it’s odd, it’s ugly, it’s inappropriate, it tastes horrible — but no-one in Ireland would even dream of telling you this, people would just drop you a hint, not by telling you something is boring, but the opposite. Interesting, isn’t it? Certainly takes a while to get used to it when you would expect straight forward opinions:)