I’ll have to keep it short. it’s almost midnight and it was a long day. It’ll be a short night.

One thing struck me today. And that is how good and caring people are. Today it was the unlikely combination of the milkman and the nurse, both showing such incredible concern and support for Pádraig when I didn’t really expect it. They hear and listen and understand with their hearts. They don’t have a system or procedures behind which to hide or which they would blame for things that are wrong.

It was also the carers who spent their first day with Pádraig. Down to earth, wanting to help and to do a good job. They all got on really well.

Finally, An Saol’s pledge campaign is really gaining momentum and is being supported by a growing number of members of the Oireachtas across all parties and the independents! Will send out a reminder tomorrow to those who haven’t responded.