What is it that we want? What is the “ask”?

Tonight, the Lotto jackpot will be 18m euro. The demand for tickets today was such that it temporarily crashed the system. On the news, they asked people what they would do with the money and one lady said that she would get the best treatment possible for her autistic daughter.


It seems that you have to win the Lotto to get the best treatment, rather than it being what society affords to those who need it, rather than it being a human right. At least this is, it seems, what some people believe.

I most emphatically disagree and will refuse to play the Lotto to get care, equipment, and therapy for Pádraig – and not because of the impossible odds (you’re more likely to die in an aircraft crash than winning the lotto) but because it shouldn’t be up to Lotto winnings to finance anybody’s treatment.

So, whatever the “ask” might be – it will not be financed by a Lotto win.

Tonight, the HSE are having a meeting – we believe with the carers and Pádraig’s doctors (but without us) – so that “Team Pádraig” will have an opportunity to get to know each other. I suppose they will get to know us and we them overtime.

In the meantime, we are planning the start of Pádraig’s care for Monday of next week. By then, it’ll be 17 weeks since we arrived back in Rosslare, meeting his friends at the port, and having one of the most wonderful breakfasts ever in the fantastic Kelly’s Hotel in Rosslare, followed by lunch and dinner and another breakfast.

The “ask” for Pádraig is care, equipment, and therapy. The “ask” by An Saol for all of those with severe acquired brain injury is care, equipment, and therapy.

By now, 24 hours after having been sent to Irish parliamentarians, the following have signed the An Saol 2016 election pledge:

Tony mc Loughlin Fine Gael
Senator Sean Barrett Independent (Trinity College constituency)
Averil Power Independent
Senator Mary Moran Labour
Richard Boyd Barrett People Before Profit – Anti Austerity Alliance
Charlie Mcconalogue Fianna Fáil
Matt Carthy MEP Sinn Fein
Tom Fleming TD Independent
Maureen O’Sullivan Independent
Ruth Coppinger Anti-Austerity Alliance

Please pass on the pledge to your Irish parliamentarians and ask them about it when they’ll knock on your door. Another “ask”:)

In Ireland
People have told me: “Reinhard, you’ve been living in Ireland for 30 years — and you *still* don’t know how things work??? I’ll share a few stories with you about living in Ireland for 30 years. A long time. So, get ready

How are you?
In one of my first jobs in Ireland, on a Friday afternoon, I walked by one of my colleagues who wasn’t too busy. As I walked by, we looked at each other and, with a smile on his face, he asked me: “How are you?” — for the first and last time. Because i sat down in his cubicle, got myself comfortable and told him about what had been bothering me that day. He had asked for it, in a way, but hadn’t counted on a reply beyond “grand!”.

German Music Tip
I’m sure you’ve been missing this. And I just can’t explain, even to myself, why I never had though of Nina Hagen’s “Heiss” – Ja isses denn ein Wunder… And this here is a Rockpalast Live version from Dortmund’s great Westfalenhalle. Total Heiss!