What about your new year resolutions? Have you made any? Are they different from those you made last year?

Usually mine are about eating less and better, moving a bit more and going for walks, runs or swims, and spending more time with family and friends. They’re usually the same. Every year. They don’t really change. So I’ve started every year with the same good resolutions. At the end of the year I usually feel that I hadn’t been so successful and so I start again, hoping against hope, that for some miraculous reason, I’ll be more successful next year. Maybe it’s my (catholic) upbringing that makes me believe that I can change. There’s always a fresh start. You just have to recognise and ‘confess’ to your failures and start again.


For the coming year, I’ve promised myself that I will not ‘play ball’, with all due respect, to the rules of others. Because ‘playing ball’ to rules that have been imposed by the ‘system’, to rules that are not transparent, to rules that don’t reference responsibility and accountability, cannot be in Pádraig’s, in our, interest.

For the coming year, I have decided to help people who need help in the best possible way. That will include getting a place and equipment and people to organise An Saol’s therapy sessions. It will also include becoming a louder voice and more visible advocate. And it will include fundraising.

We need this land or house or hall to get started!!!

Make it Happen! Happy New Year to all of you!