I learned a new Irish word a few days ago: an meitheal.

It’s not just a word, but a way of life, in a way. The word describes a long ancient tradition in the West of Ireland: getting together to achieve something that one person by themselves could never achieve.

And it fits like a glove what I see An Saol to be: an effort that is indispensable but none of us could take on by themselves.


Pádraig had his first Irish EEG today in St. Vincent’s Hospital. We don’t know the results yet but believe there was no problem – otherwise we assume they would have told us straight away.

Upon his return, he was transferred to a new ward, St. Bridget’s, which reminds me of Downton Abbey (the early episodes) – don’t even know why… The NRH decided a few days ago to close St. Patrick’s ward (instead of St. Bridget’s). The whole moving around business is pretty stressful for Padraig and I’m sure he’s wondering where on earth he is. Good thing is that the nurses that looked after him will continue to do so.

Some news on the building front too: today, the hoarding was removed and a few people came in to start working on the snag list. Not finished yet, but, with a bit of luck, we’ll be getting there (or almost there) before Christmas.

Finally, I met a freelance journalist this morning to discuss the circulation of a petition to candidates – it’s almost ready to go!