Just realised that this is my second ‘Nikolaus’ post. But it’s the first from Dublin. On the way back to the NRH tonight, we took the scenic route through O’Connell Street and around Trinity College, passing Grafton Street to show Pádraig the Christmas Lights.

There were no lights in the trees anymore as there had been before we left – actually, I remember them never have been taken out during the year, and just not being switched on during the summer…

We had our Sunday routine today. Irish mass at 10 in Church Street with a priest on two crutches who could hardly make it around the altar – but with beautiful Irish, it sounded really nice and fluid, just causing myself some problems as I was trying to pick up some words from the missalette – a nearly impossible task.

I’ll have to check that out tomorrow again – but it seems like the brilliant Neurological Alliance and with it the hundreds and thousands of people that are served by them was cheated out of theirs moneys – by a minister that was just looking after his own interests – playing ‘Nikolaus’ for his constituents.