It’s the beginning of a New Year, the first Sunday in the calendar of the catholic church.

The first Sunday of Advent, meaning “coming”.

Germans are big into Advent. Advent cakes. Advent candles. Advent reeds. Advent calendars. Advent songs. You name it.

One of Pádraig’s friends came over for a visit today – and brought a home made (by him!) cake – which Pádraig really enjoyed. When Maria came back home from a lifesaving course, she brought buns – which Pádraig won’t be able to enjoy (I just finished them). – Felt like Advent had arrived! At homehome. No comparison to last year, or the one before. Pádraig is living a very different life now!

But there is something else coming – An Saol! Today I heard from two more friends (two I have not met yet) that they are really interested and excited about the idea of getting An Saol going one is a (former) nurse, the other person is a neuro OT. They are joining the more than 20 volunteers who have already signed up and will meet on Monday, 14 December, at 19:00 in the Carmichael Centre. There is still time to sign up here if you can join us that Monday if you can – if you won’t be able to join the meeting for whatever reason, sign up anyway and I’ll be in touch with you directly.