Riders on the storm. Sitting in our kitchen. In our house. In our town. The double door to the garden wide open. Into the new apartment. The bedroom. With a low light. The ancient sofa bed beside the brand new NRH bed where he is resting. You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, man, we couldn’t get much higher. When did I listen to The Doors the last time. We are in a completely different world. What Pádraig has shown over the past few weeks is nothing but sensational. Doctors would not really see someone with his injuries after two years. Therapists would long have given up. The lack of return-on-investment attitude would long have stopped any funding and efforts to help, support, discover, assist. Off to palliative care, to maintenance, to making life easy for carers with regulated induced bowl movements, catheters tube feeds, and oxygen via the tracheostomy – when life should be demanding, when we should be pushing boundaries every day, when we should be trying to leave our comfort zone for periods every day.


Martin captured the essence of it all in just a few sentences in a comment to yesterday’s post:

Padraig is showing the potential that has always been there. Others before him were never given the opportunity to show what they could achieve. Nursing homes or community care is what they got where there is little or no therapies for them. An Saol is the way.

19 friends have so far responded to my post of last Saturday, almost a week ago, proposing a plan of action for An Saol and asking you whether you were interested to help and get together (if you had time) to get cracking on the ideas.

I’ll be emailing everybody who signed up with the details of that meeting, but just to let you know now, the meeting will be on Monday, 14 December, 19:00 (location to be confirmed). By the way, it’s not too late to ‘sign-up’, even if you cannot make it to the meeting because you are away or busy that day, or because you do not live in Dublin. Click here to go to the sign-up page.