While I was on the Ryanair plane to Bremen this morning, I wrote about the blog I’ve been writing over more than two years now, every day.

I decided to delete it.

It was about the issues other people have with me writing about being sad and beaten. Issues other people have when I write about them, even if I don’t name them. Issues people have when I write about people in charge, saying who they are, who say persons with severe brain injury should only be ‘managed’, not treated for their injuries.

I am so infuriated by all this! Because only a heartless person could not cry and be sad at time in the face of these injuries, could not despair faced with the lack of care and therapy, could not become extremely angry at accountants running the health system.


Anyways, I did most of what had to be done in Hamburg this afternoon, sitting now in Tating on my own. When we all should be together.

Love and Peace.