It feels like I didn’t get anywhere.

Two days of getting two years of ‘stuff’ organised and to me it looks like the day I arrived. Nix changed, nothing.

In the meantime, I’m wondering how Pádraig is doing. Waiting for the phone calls to find out what is going on at home. It must feel a bit like what the rest of the family were experiencing, what his friends must have felt a little like when Pádraig was away from them.

At least I have a plan. (I really like plans. Seriously.)

I’ll be coming back here after the marathon. I’ll drive over, hopefully with Pat. We’ll do another two days of packing. I’ll put stuff on eBay small ads and I’ll ask a second hand shop to take some other stuff away. We’ll then rent a big van and bring stuff we want to keep to Tating and pack the Doblo.

What got me through the day today was the offer of a really nice Irish/German couple here in Hamburg who offered their help to pack the van and to unpack it in Tating.

I feel like I should go on packing. But I can’t face anymore of ‘stuff’. There’s ‘stuff’ everywhere and I have no idea where it came from. Who brought it here? Who got all this? Who thought that we would ever going to use even half of this? Nix da.

Nixt week this day, a few of Pádraig’s friends, as well as myself, will ask ourselves what possessed us that we decided to run this marathon? We won’t be able to walk properly. Our legs will hurt like mad. And we’ll be completely exhausted. (Or am I just talking about myself?:)

There’s something you can do to help Pádraig’s friends: support them. Check out Cliodhna’s  and Emily’s marathon sites. And then, next week, watch them doing the race of their lives!

Because it’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon!

PS 1: Today is the first anniversary of Pegida. It was ‘celebrated’ by a demonstration in Leipzig. 15,000 people participated. 15,000 people participated in a counter-demonstration.

PS 2: The independent candidate for mayor of Cologne who got knifed down by a right wing ‘activist’ and who is now in an artificially induced coma got elected by an absolute majority yesterday.

PS 3: Watching a late night documentary on ZDF, “Wärst Du limber tot?” following the life of six people with disabilities who live in the Senator Neumann House of Behindertenhilfe Hamburg (BHH) – which we visited some time ago and who were about to help us to care for Pádraig in our Hamburg apartment.