Does it wash?

The question can have all sorts of meanings. Depending on whether it has got to do with dirty business or dirty clothes.

In our case, it was dirty clothes.


Because yesterday was the day – wait! – that we were able, for the first time in many weeks, to use our washing machine! For me, this was a sign that things are slowly but surely starting to normalise in the house. It was a very necessary event, that wash, not just because I was running out of socks and other things, but because I need to believe that this dust bowl is going to settle some day soon.

The NRH thing is almost becoming a routine. Going there in the morning. Coming back in the evening. In between asking to be let in and asking to be let out. Asking for someone to take out things from the fridge, asking someone to bring Pádraig’s breakfast, asking why he is only allowed to have half a portion of his dinner. Anyhow, what is ‘half’ a portion? Is that ‘half’ a portion of a meal for an average sized person? Or for a very tall person? As it happens, it is half of what the company preparing the meals decided to shrink wrap.

I really do not want to sound cranky. Really. People working in the NRH are the kindest and most caring people you could come across. When you ask for something, you hardly have to wait. In many cases, you don’t even have to ask. But from where I stand it is difficult. Telling me how much Pádraig is allowed to eat does not make sense. Because…

There are days, when he eats more. There are days when he eats less. For breakfast. For lunch. For dinner. And whether it is more or less does not depend on the opinion of anyone, it depends on his form, on his appetite, and, yes, on the food. He eats more and faster and with more interest if he likes the food.

As it would be in your case, in my case, and, I suspect, in anyone’s case.

Pádraig has a brain injury. But he has been eating for months. More or less. As he prefers. That’s what I call progress!

Finally, this day in two weeks time there will be a few people who will not be able to walk. That is because the will be in the process of recovering from the marathon. Two friends of Pádraig’s, Emily and Cliodhna, have a fundraising site up and “running” – it would be great if you could support them!

PS1: Pádraig still really likes pasta and chocolate and ice-cream and beer.

PS2: Pasta on Sunday. Tortilla Española on Monday. Apple tart tonight and microwave meals. Friends! Wonderful!