It feels like going where nobody ever went before. Yet, it’s so close

Here we are. Home. But not home home yet.

Still wondering, though, what’ll happen next when.


It’ll all depend. On the assessments. On the view of the health authorities on a home care package that not many people have been looking for before. It’ll be decided on by people who haven’t taken decisions like this before.

So Pádraig is in the NRH primarily, not to be treated but to be assessed. There is, in fact, not so much happening apart from reports and applications being put together which will form the basis for the health authorities decision on the level of care and therapy he should be afforded when he’ll get home, home.

In all honesty. All that could be done in an hour.

In the meantime, I have loads of time listening to the radio on the way out to Dun Laoghaire every morning during rush hour traffic. The advert about the new high-tech emergency department that closes each night at 6pm and Sunday all day. Seems that private clinics don’t open out of hours. It almost beats the advert on the telly where a guy tells us that he loves ‘local’ everything which is why he buys in his local Lidl shop.

This is so bizarre and funny. You couldn’t invent anything like it.

Today I was told: this day next week building work will be finished. Which makes me think that if we managed to organise a bed, even an interim one, Pádraig could come home to check out his new rooms and maybe stay a night at home – for the first time in almost two and a half years.

That would be super cool …