Today’s Paper.

I’m rewinding, trying to remember yesterday.

There was us leaving Rosslare, driving to Dublin, arriving in the NRH, attending a long meeting with the team that is going to look after Pádraig in the NRH, going home to a building site, falling asleep as I was trying to write yesterday’s blog.

I couldn’t believe the amount of sausages I ate yesterday morning myself. And the rashers. And the black and white pudding. – There’s me preparing for the marathon, I thought. Pádraig had a great breakfast too. Than we packed our bags and went to check out and pay.

Which is when we were met by another incredibly generous gesture: Laura, Bill Kelly’s daughter told us that Bill had looked after the bill. Would you believe it?

The drive up to Dublin was relaxing, we were trying to imagine how it would be in the NRH.

There was a lovely welcome and people were incredibly nice. One of the therapists turned out to be an ‘old’ pal of Pádraig’s from swimming. You should have seen the huge smile on his face when they met!

When Maria arrived, there was even more joy – he didn’t stop smiling, he was so happy to see her. Having been away for such a long time, meeting her just on visits, was hard. All that is going to be over now.

Hospi-tales continue.

This morning I rang the ward and the nurses told me that he had had some difficulties breathing. They also had not yet given him breakfast. But a nurse put the phone to his ear and I could talk to him briefly which was great. As soon as the meeting with the builders was over, I made my way to the NRH.

I arrived at around noon and it turned out to be a long day. Actually, I am still sitting here beside his bed. Pat arrived half an hour ago, after work and after talking to Cromac on Raidio na Gaeltachta. It took here ages to drive across the city together with thousands of commuters, all at the same, wrong time.

On his bedside, there was an oxygen mask connected. I did not ask whether they had used it. He was on an oximetre measuring his oxygen saturation and his heart beat. He apparently had a slight temperature. Nothing to worry about (yet) but to be watched. They were talking about doing another endoscopic swallowing test (FEES) of which he had three over several months, starting a year ago. Just to be on the safe side. Apparently, he did not swallow well enough. Was a bit chesty. I gave him a high calorie drink which went down very well. Another eating assessment was  made which did not work out well enough to give him more food. I stopped the plan to give him peg food.

I’ll be here tomorrow morning at 8.30 to meet the therapist and give Pádraig the breakfast he has been eating for months.

Everybody here is really nice, caring and kind. Everybody has Pádraig’s best interest in their mind. But this is a hospital where there are procedures, ways of doing things, ways to assess things, ways to avoid any risks. He is not quite ‘home’ yet. The hops-tales continue…

IMG_2380But, at home and in the NRH, letters for Pádraig are arriving, welcoming him in Ireland and even sending him the most German of sweets, from Ireland. – And yes, they taste the same here as they do on the ‘continent’:)

And then, also in the post, also today, the tickets arrived. Concert tickets. For Pádraig’s first concert in years. I wonder will Kodaline remember?