In the former East Germany, we were told the other day, many young people with brain damages were left in institutions, being looked after by the State. After reunification, these institutions were reorganised and the authorities tried to find the relatives and parents of these (formerly) young adults. In some cases, parents had not visited their children for many years. In some cases, parents could not be located.

There are friends and families who cannot cope with this new life.

It’s time to thank my family, our wider families, ours and Pádraig’s friends, who have given me, us, the strength and provided us with the support, who shared their love with us. None of this is “selbstverständlich”, a given.

Not only have they helped Pádraig and us now for more than two years to survive a terrible roller-coaster of previously un-imaginable events, they are helping us now to build a new life for Pádraig and for us.

More, they have offered their help to build An Saol to get to the hearts and minds of people, to affect change, to make sure nobody will ever be forgotten, just because one day they suffered a sudden, terrible injury.

Forgetting is not an option. Living is.