There’re windows of opportunity everywhere. Or many doors opening when one is closed. You’ve heard all that before.

But back in Pforzheim after a really early morning start following a late night and an exhausting day (I’m feeling soooo old!), I really believe that a lot in life depends on how you look at what happens to you and yours. Not always, of course, but often.

In many cases, life changes, maybe very very dramatically, maybe to an extend that it’s nothing short of a new life altogether. Those very dramatic changes can be incredibly hard to take. They can be so hard that you have to do things you never thought you’d be capable of doing.

I cannot believe that next Monday will be the start of Pádraig’s last week in Pforzheim. And that we’ll be driving West at the end of the week to catch the Dreamboat to Ireland.

There’ll be still a few minor details to be sorted but it’s all coming together.

When I left Dublin yesterday, workers had arrived very early in the morning to put in the windows to Pádraig’s new bedroom which is beginning to look really fabulous! They  were also digging out some pipes that will have to be replaced. You can really see the end of all the hard work so many people put into this project! How will we ever be able to thank them?


After yesterday’s half marathon it’s also clear that the Dublin city marathon that a few people will run in support of Pádraig will be absolutely no joke. It was one of those occasions when I was wondering what on earth I was doing.

Two of Pádraig’s friends, Cliodhna Mahon and Emily Barnes, have set up sponsorship pages for their Dublin City Marathon run in support of Pádraig. Please check the out!

They are all doing something that is going way beyond of what they believed they were capable of (or just mad enough ever to consider:). But they will manage and push themselves to the limit. And grow in the process. Because if you do something like this you need a damn good reason.

A few people have been in touch to say that they would like to help when Pádraig comes home, and also with An Saol – but they weren’t quite sure what it was they could contribute. I thought it might help if I try to come up with a few jobs I think will need to be covered and I’ll make that available over the next week.