1441661545_31_185626_1664077475958_5628863_n__1_I thought I had gotten over the tears-stuff until I read the notes Cliodhna wrote on her fundraising page for the the marathon she’ll be running in Dublin on 26 October, together with Andrew King, Cian Waters, Ronan Mistéil, Ciara Heneghan, Donal Earls, and, hopefully, myself.

“Cracked”, “shtone mad” and “off your rocker” are only some of the terms I would have associated with marathon runners in the past. If you’d told me three years ago that by the age of 27 I’d swim in every coastal county in Ireland and have a marathon under my belt, I would have laughed in your face but alas these are some of the amazing challenges that have taken place to raise money for Pádraig ever since his accident.

When Cliodhna was here with another friend almost two weeks ago, they got Pádraig to repeat sounds, they got him ‘talk’ in a way. It is really amazing to see how Pádraig reacts to familiar voices. The father of another young man from Dublin with an acquired brain injury was over here and Pádraig reacted with a big smile when he talked to him. This father also offered to come over to Pforzheim with his car to help us move to Dublin. How generous!

I’m also getting loads of reading and, yesterday, a special light to shine accross Pádraig’s to support his efforts to adjust the focus of his eye.

Just back from visiting good old friends who live about half an hour from Pforzheim – on of the things we discovered that one of them is working across the road.