This morning, we got new ramps delivered to cover the big step from the living room up to the terrace door and from there the small step down to the terrace. At the same time, the nice gentleman from the Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft – years ago he would have been called a ‘Genosse’ – who had handed over the keys of the apartment to me in January was there again doing a preliminary check on the apartment, a Vorabnahme, because we had given notice to leave.

It was a bit of a strange situation, the two of them trying hard to ignore the presence of the other, and me dealing with each of them as if the other were not present.

The whole day was strange being in this apartment on my own, the apartment where Pádraig spent his first months out of hospital with us, where we celebrated Patrick’s Day in March and his birthday in May, where we got used to carers and therapists coming to our place, where we spent some, thankfully few, days worrying so much about whether all of this would work out well, whether we had made the right decisions.

I had until 4pm to do what I had to do and thought I had plenty of time.

I didn’t.

A full moon rising tonight in central Germany.

A full moon rising tonight in central Germany.

10 minutes before I had to leave I was running up and down the stairs trying to sort stuff out, routing through shelfs and folders trying to get papers together.

When I saw the bus coming out of Wilsonstraße, I ran as fast as I could (you know I’m more of a long-distance man than a sprinter) and just about made it – only to discover it was the bus to Farmsen rather than the one to Wandsbek, the one I should have got on to. So I got off again and waited another five minutes for the right bus. – Those in the know will wonder why I did not get the train to Hauptbahnhof in the first place. As luck has it, they were all cancelled today because of work being carried out in the Hauptbahnhof.

Pádraig finished the second of six weeks today in Pforzheim. It’s no surprise that five hours of training a day do make a difference, as anyone who ever did train intensively knows. Pádraig is much fitter, more alert, and able to maintain his body better, eat better and more, and get his digestive system over more than two years of tube feed, Sondenkost.

I am sitting on an ICE high-speed train that is already running 15 low-speed minutes late which means that I might miss the last connection from Karlsruhe to Pforzheim which would get me home by midnight…

Guess what: the train waited! About to walk to the apartment:)