Iona on Fire tonight

Sky over Iona on Fire tonight

Sedentary behaviour that sees us spending hours of our day sat in front of a computer or television is damaging our health, writes   in an article in The Telegraph, reporting on research by a leading sport medicine consultant.

Dr Mike Loosemore says people should be encouraged to do more low level exercise and make minor lifestyle changes such as standing up more often.

They must have heard about this in Pforzheim.

If standing is good for healthy people, it must even be better for persons with severe ai. Everybody with some common sense would agree, right?

So, what did the magic of Pforzheim do for Pádraig after a week of training there?

What was the magic of Pforzheim?

Well, there is no magic. Just this:

  • He stood up for an hour. On his own feet. Each day.
  • Therapists lifted his arms up above his head onto a construction involving an ironing board. Which, in turn, encouraged Pádraig to lift up his head. As much as he could.
  • He ‘walked’ in the Lokomat, suspended in a kind-of-a-parashute-suit, for about half an hour. Each day.
  • He received cooked and pureed food through his PEG. No more engineered PEG-food.
  • He had an hour of speech therapy. Each day.

Did this make a difference to his health and recovery?

After just five days:

  • He had significantly more head control.
  • I opened not just his left eye, but increasingly also his right eye – not all the time, but notably more often
  • His circulation, digestion, and fitness improved.

What is important is that NONE of this is magic.

What it is is perseverance, Dickköpfigkeit. To a point of annoyance.

Today, the first Dublin visitors arrived to Pforzheim, two good young friends of Pádraig’s. Unfortunately, I’m not there to meet them, but I’m sure they’ll have a great time visiting Pádraig. And: I’m sure Pádraig will be absolutely delighted to see that his friends are sticking with him, they stay by his side, they keep him up-to-date on what is happening in their world.

“Straight” Hospi-tales can be a bit taste-less, grey, limiting.

Here is what’s happening to the extension work, which, it seems, has to get worse before it’ll get better. There’s dust everywhere and it seems that the kitchen ceiling had to come down…;)