Today was another busy day in Dublin for me while Pádraig was enjoying one of the last days he has left in Hamburg for the time being.

The building work here is making good progress. Today, the roof got more or less covered, with just the final metal cover missing. Roof lights have been installed and the electricians have started their magic. They are actually getting closer to our kitchen now which will have to be shut down for the best part of a month some time soon.

I’ve also written the first grant application for An Saol to the Department of Justice and Equality. Although I only heard about this grant being available very recently and did not really that much time to write the application, I gave it a go – and if it was just to put the name of An Saol officially on the map. Submission date: tomorrow.

So much and not more for tonight. Dinner, and then bed time to get up early tomorrow morning to pack up, get ready for the 8 o’clock meeting with the builders, submit the application in town and get to the airport. Days in Dublin are too short.