Tomorrow week, at the latest, we’ll be on our way to Pforzheim. I think it’s about a 7 hours drive which is something we haven’t done yet. It’s also still quite hot in Germany, and the further south you go, the hotter it gets. Not something we look forward to, in terms of the weather.

150807 CLzaSHTWoAAsuQgToday was the second last of five marathons in as many days for Ronan. It’s still not to late to sponsor him (click here) or to follow his progress (click here). I think it’s an amazing tribute to Pádraig that someone, even though he might be as mad as a hatter, decided to run this impossible race for Pádraig! Day four was a bit of a struggle, it seems, but with just one day to go, he’ll finish this amazing race series in good time tomorrow. What an amazing person! And thank you, Ronan!

Pádraig tried spaghetti today with some real bolognese sauce, including very finely minced meat. It worked but you could see that the meat part of the Bolognese sauce caused some problems – even though he tried to wash it down with a few sips of Polish beer!