Honestly, Ronan. Would you not just take the money ForPádraig. Be proud. And relax? How much more does it take for you to come to your senses? – To everybody else: please help us stop Ronan from doing what no one i know has ever tried before. Click here, now!

Wednesdays are Pádraig’s busiest days with three different therapy sessions: physio, speech, and OT. Although he’s much fitter now than ever before since the accident, it’s a long day and it’s tiring. It’s pushing boundaries.

Not quite like five marathons in as many days. But pushing boundaries. Being alive?

Which is what everybody’s life should be about, don’t you think?

So, thank you Ronan! Go on and run the races of your life!

It’s late, so I’ll just leave you with some pictures of the house. It’s coming on, isn’t it?

Good night!

PS: RTÉ is showing “I’m breathing” – why does it have to be after midnight that they are showing these really good films?