I think we just got our first readers in Central and South America! It is really mind-blowing what the internet and the web have done. Here I am sitting in a dark and very quiet kitchen in Dublin, writing about Pádraig in Hamburg, and people reading about it almost immediately all over the world. I remember (oh, stop, Papa!) when I was in South America (here it goes again…) I had to book calls to let my parents know how I was (and so what???).

Anyhow. Pádraig’s OT got really excited today, and so did Pat and I. The OT gave him some simple sums, 2*4=8, 3+8=4, …. and asked Pádraig whether they were correct. And Pádraig indicated ‘yes’ (like for the first sum) and ‘no’ (like for the second). Sure, they weren’t very complicated, but, hey, here is someone with a ‘low level of consciousness’ doing sums!!! How cool is that?

The building work is progressing well: blocks and bricks should all be finished within the next few days. The roof comes next. You can recognise the wall of Pádraig’s new rooms.

Met with a few different people today to discuss An Saol, even looked at an office. Will work on action plan, organise meeting for the week of 14 September, and then start doing. With your help!

Today’s German Music Tip
BAP, Du kanns zaubere. Den Typ, den kriegst wirklich nicht mehr hin… Das es jetzt oder nie mit uns zwei passiert… For me, it’s the best love song ever. 33 years old.
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The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Ich mag Wolfgang. (Varoufakis about Schäuble in Der Spiegel)

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