imagesIt’s a special day.

25 months to the day since Pádraig was struck by Mr Couto’s van.

One month for each year of his life.

And you’ll say, tomorrow will be another day, not doubt. Better, I hope. Don’t be sad and if you are, don’t show it.

There are days like these. For me, it wasn’t a good day. It’ll pass like all days. That’s the good thing, even about bad days. They’ll all pass.

For Pádraig, I think it wasn’t too bad a day. He is beginning to warm up to his new speech therapist (or is it the other way round?) – they seem to be getting on much better with each other. During his physio, we tried out the Vojta table again which is working out really well. Having a firm base, rather than working on the bed, which is quite soft, make a huge difference, both for Pádraig, and for the person working with him. Pádraig’s physio is teaching me some exercises to do with Pádraig – and it is really ‘with’, it’s like doing them together.

25 months. One month for each of his year of his life.

Today’s German Music Tip
KC Rebell feat. Summer Cem, ► AUGENBLICK ◄. A bit on the violent side for my taste, but there you are… 
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Das hat alles seine Ordnung so.

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