It’s a lovely evening, following a day that was so full and packed I have trouble remembering how it started – maybe that’s just a first (?) sign of me being older than I sometimes think I am, or wished I was!

Anyhow – I got a power supply for my laptop. And thank you to all who offered to drop one by the house last night within minutes of that post going online! I could not believe it. That was some reaction.

IMG_1364Today, some of the pipework went in and will hopefully be finished tomorrow. Then the floors go in and on Monday week the bricks will be laid. That should take just 2-3 days which means that, with a bit of luck, the roof can go on the same week. To me, that sounds really fast. It also makes our trip back to Dublin seem quite real and not so far away, not so much just like a plan but like a reality.

I also got a few phone calls today. Both interesting in their own way.

The first came from Boston while I was driving back from the NCT (this time the car passed!!!). It was a lady from the Civil Rights Division of the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts whose office I tried to reach last week and for whom I had left a voicemail. She had never heard of Pádraig’s accident and her system did not show the receipt of any letter by myself. So I just faxed it to her again. She asked, had we filed a complaint with (I think) Internal Affairs – something nobody had ever mentioned to us before. We’ll see what happens.

The second call came from a gentleman working for our medical supplier who had just dropped by the house to leave some additional pieces for Pádraig’s wheelchair. But nobody had opened the door so he was wondering whether we were in. Eventually I got Pat on the phone who had run for shelter with Pádraig when it started to rain while they were on a walk. They got all soaked, she said, as they started to walk back to the house. When I rung the gentleman from the medical supplier to tell him what had happened and that Pat and Pádraig would be back in 10 minutes, he confirmed that, indeed, he had just experienced the ‘end of the world’ while sitting in his car. It must have been some rain ‘shower’. – But, isn’t it great that this kind of stuff is starting to happen to Pádraig again? Nothing like being caught in a shower! Wonderful!

Early start tomorrow. Getting a slot in Dublin airport must be really cheap at 6am:)

Today’s German Music Tip
Well, it’s not really just German – it’s more international. I found it, when I was looking for ‘Regen’ on youtube: 10 hours of ‘Regen’ with an unbelievable 6.2m hits!
What’s hot
Summer in the city
What’s cold
Raindrops keep falling on my head…
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Das kann ich mir gar nicht vorstellen!

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