UnknownIt just wasn’t explained to them sufficiently, otherwise they wouldn’t have voted ‘no’ in the referendum. Seven years ago, something similar happened in Ireland in relation to the Lisbon treaty. The Irish people voted ‘no’, but – so what? The nice thing about democracy is that you can have another vote until you get the ‘right’ result. If the people don’t get it the first time, well, you can try again until you get the ‘right’ vote. Angela should be on her way to Greece tonight, explain the issue to the Greek people properly (after all, Germany’s wealth depends on the Greeks repaying their depts) organise a second referendum for next Sunday, a proper referendum, get the right outcome and tell Alexis and Yanis to get on their bikes… Europe’s banks (mostly based in Germany) would be saved.

One of my all-time favourite films is Falling Down for which I found this brief summary of the opening scene: It “features Michael Douglas sitting in a horrible traffic jam in a car with faulty air conditioning. If you’ve ever been inside of a car that isn’t moving and has no air conditioning in a heat wave, you can understand how a person might go all Charles Bronson on people.” Check out the trailer or, if you want to watch one of the best scene of the movie, check out the Hamburger Scene – with one of the funniest lines, “Rick, I think we have a critic here”.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 18.15.02

Hamburg is not quite “falling down” yet, haven’t seen a “hamburger scene”-type incident yet (we’re sticking to salads these days:), but we’re getting close to it. It’s just too hot, especially on this top floor we’re living in, especially without air conditioning. And it’s not just hot, the humidity is unbearable. The good news it that it should all get better tomorrow.

Talking about tomorrow. On the radio today, I heard someone saying that everything is in the past because the moment anything happens, it’s gone and in the past. An interesting view of the presence, isn’t it? – I have to think about that one a bit…

imagesPádraig hasn’t “falling down” yet either. But the weather is hard on him. We discovered what apparently everybody knows tastes just fantastic: frozen yoghurt. I stuck a yoghurt in the freezer this morning and when we got back from our walk, it was just ready: really cold and really refreshing. Pádraig had no problem eating this at all. In no time it was gone without a single cough. Looks like it is easier to eat things that taste nice.

Just today, it occurred to me that I had sent a copy of the Open Letter to the Attorney General and the Governor of Massachusetts to the Irish and German Departments of Foreign Affairs, Embassies, and Consulates. – Neither of them have acknowledged receipt, never mind answered.

I hear that some German friends would like to send letters asking for an independent investigation into the accident.

Here is an example in German and English of a letter to the Attorney General and the Governor (of which you could send a copy to the Außenministerium:).

Sehr geehrter Governor/Attorney General,

ich möchte Sie dringend bitten, eine unabhängige Untersuchung des Unfalls von Pádraig Schäler einzuleiten, der am 27. Juni 2013 auf dem Weg zur Arbeit in Brewster, Cape Cod, von einem Truck angefahren wurde und sich seitdem in einem Zustand minimalen Bewusstseins befindet. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass die von der örtlichen Polizei vorgenommene Untersuchung einseitig und unzureichend war. Ich danke Ihnen im voraus für Ihre Bemühungen.


Dear Governor/Attorney General,

I would like to strongly suggest to you to instigate an independent investigation into the accident of Pádraig Schäler who was hit by a truck in Brewster, Cape Cod, while cycling to work on the morning of June, 27, 2013 that left him in a minimally conscious state. I am convinced that the investigation conducted by the local police department was one-sided and inadequate. I would like to thank you in advance for your efforts.

Yours sincerely,


Here are the addresses:

Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133

The Attorney General’s Office
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108-1518

Today’s German Music Tip
Chris Doerk und Frank Schöbel, Heisser Sommer. This clip is a jewel, don’t miss it! It’s from the 1968 East German musical film of the same name, considered by promoters in 2001 as “The East German Grease”.
What’s hot
Customers – they’re always right
What’s cold
Hamburger joints not serving breakfast when you want it
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Ochsenkopfantenne – I bet you’ll have to look that one up!

An  Saol – Live your Life An Saol