Cancel all appointments or meetings you might have tomorrow evening and make your way down to the Conradh for Féile Schaler! Check out the details here.

When I arrived back home to Dublin today for a short visit, building work on Pádraig’s extension had started! It’s magic and it’s going to be the best extension ever built. Because people know how important this is going to be for Pádraig coming back to Ireland. Check out these pictures!

In the afternoon, two of Pádraig’s friends from Coláiste Eoin turned up together with their wheelbarrow to help. They did magic! One of the men working on the site said: “Wow, he must be a special person – if I tried to call on my friends from secondary school, I’d be on my own. – Thank you so much for your help!

I’m going to write a short piece every day on the accident, coming up to the second anniversary. I took the following short video on Rt. 6A Eastward, the direction both Pádraig and Mr Couto were travelling. Watch the pedestrian on the right, how the cars are very much slowing down, and how the cars (there’s also a truck similar to Mr Couto’s) are driving around that pedestrian very slowly. – Now, imagine Pádraig on his bike, on the left of the white ‘fog line’ delimiting the right side of the road. And imagine Mr Couto overtaking him, with his foot on the accelerator, driving at a speed of approximately 30 miles per hour – while, at the same time, another car (with one of the key witnesses to the accident) was pulling into Rt. 6A from Croker Lane in plane eyesight and now driving straight into his way.

Tonight at 8pm, there was a big feature on Raidió na Life about tomorrow’s Féile Schaler with an interview and an airing of the brilliant recording of “Pádraig” by Markus. You can listen back to the few minutes of the interview to get a taste (!) of what is going to happen tomorrow in the Conradh.

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